Start out your Conclave weekend with the

"Ride the Rockies" tour

Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Time to exercise your British Car and enjoy the twisty back roads just outside of Denver.

Hosted by the Colorado English Motoring Conclave, The tour will begin at the Oak Park parking lot. After an introduction and witty bantor from our tour master, participants will strike out following his written directions for a drive along the back roads and into the hills just outside of Denver that were just meant for British Cars.

The tour will commence no later than 10:00, it is timed so you should arrive at the ending site right around lunch time. This means that the start time can and will be flexable. Hence the tours nickname, 'Bobs long drive to get a beer' tour.

As always, the tour will incorporate a 'Gimmick Rally' consisting of questions whose answers will be found along the route. The tour will end at a 'secret' resturant or brew pub choosen by your guide where you will turn in your answer sheets and be confonted by a series of  Bob's infamous tie-breaker questions. Usually these are British automotive or slang themed but brush up on the history of The Beatles as well.

Don't wait until Sunday to begin the fun! Make your Conclave weekend complete by participating in the tour on Saturday. But remember, this is a FUN TOUR! Nothing serious or earth shattering will occur, just driving fun!

Date:        Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Logistics:    8:30 am Vehicles assemble at Oak Park - registration will be open

                     No Later than 10:00 am "Ride the Rockies" tour commences - NOTE - Start Time will vary between 9 and 10 depending on the length/time to complete the tour.

                     awards will be presented on Sunday

Your Registration includes both the Saturday Tour and the Sunday Conclave

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